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Glass interior or exterior doors with a contemporary twist and frameless hinged design with unobstructed views.


Sliding Doors

A good solution for closing your space is sliding doors. Applies in any position. Ideal for cafes, verandas, hotels and restaurants. It’s a good solution for keeping your space clean from dust, rain & wind. You can make it with any dimensions you need. The Height of the sliding doors is up to 3m.

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Victoria Trading Tents - Glass Systems: Windbreak Glass

Glass Windbreak Panels

Exterior simplicity with a combination of glass design. Cozy & comfortable style ideal for verandas, cafes, hotels, restaurants. With adjustable height of vertical movement, manual or motorized. Protects from external weather conditions. Minimalistic aesthetics, simple, contemporary design which maximizes the glass surface and makes use of thin, elegant aluminium profiles.

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