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Victoria Trading Ltd

Victoria Trading was founded in 1970 by Mr. George Trimeriti and specializes in manufacturing high-quality enclosures for protection from the weather elements. Focused on providing integrated solutions based on specific customer needs, Victoria Trading Ltd provides specialist services across Cyprus.

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Experience in shading solutions

Our 50 years of experience & expertise using the best imported materials allows us to give five-year-old to ten-year warranty for our products. The customer-oriented company philosophy is the benchmark that established Victoria Trading Ltd as one of the best companies in the construction and implementation of shelter and shade for both homes and businesses of all sizes.

50 years of experience in shading solutions.

Experience by your side!

Milestones: 1970 to Today


The company first opened in Famagusta and its operation focused on trading with ships equipment. Design and manufacturing sails for marine purposes.


The company relocated to Limassol and continued supporting marine industry with sails and equipment.


The company started to assemble the first components that came to Cyprus for tents and shading systems, and also provided installations.


New Generation of the family took control and developed shading system solutions for homes and businesses.


The company moved to a new factory with brand new facilities, in Agios Sylas.


New needs for metal construction shades and systems created for the company the opportunity to manufacture their brand-new space for welding and painting.


The Professionalism and the customer care philosophy of the company resulted in obtaining ISO 9001:2008. Now the company is more organized than ever.


Introducing new certified products to our range to innovative and up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry.


We are thrilled to announce that a new generation has joined our company! With fresh perspectives and new ideas, they are set to make a positive impact on our business and help us continue to grow and innovate.